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About me,


I'm coastal cookie - actually my name is Viola Hauser :-)

Born in the Black Forest, I followed my inner call in 2005 and "emigrated" to wonderful North Friesland. I love the quiet, the serenity, the coast and the sea... and I love to bake.

This love awoke as a child: baking cookies with mum at Christmas time was the beginning. I also remember how proud I was as a little girl when I was allowed to hold the mixer while baking cakes. And then the first cake I baked all by myself: I was 10 years old and my grandfather had a milestone birthday. Of course, I also wanted to give him something very special just from myself. So weeks beforehand I "experimented" every Saturday and delighted my parents and my brother with cake every Sunday until the result was what I thought would be perfect for my grandpa. And finally I  baked him a sunken apple pie with an "extra kick" of lemon in the dough - and it was delicious!

The idea of sharing my passion for baking and great baking recipes - and thus also for the Kuestencookie blog - actually came from my colleague and photographer Lothar Detert He was so enthusiastic about my creations to create cakes with simple ingredients that he quickly and decisively convinced me. A wintry wedding cake and a birthday cake for my best friend's 50th birthday were the "main triggers" for Lothar's idea. You can see them in the photos below in the gallery.

And that's what coastal cookies are all about : Simple baked goods with a wow effect and, above all, with ingredients that you can get everywhere and that can be eaten in their entirety. You can find my decorating ideas for cakes, tarts and small baked goods or even desserts in baking ingredients, in ice cream parlors and fruit shops or even in your own garden ;-)

Sustainability and environmental awareness are big and important issues for me. Especially when it comes to sustainability, everyone has to think outside the box. It's about taking responsibility for the way my baked goods are made and the long-term impact on our environment.  I want to make these impacts on people, animals and nature as responsible as possible . That's why I use ingredients from my region as much as possible. Milk and dairy products and eggs come from North Friesland, as do fruit and vegetables. What I can grow and harvest myself in my garden is grown and harvested under biological and ecological aspects.

When it comes to products that I can't get from the region because they simply can't grow or be cultivated here, such as some nuts, cocoa or spices, I pay attention to sustainable cultivation when I buy them, or I buy them in organic shops. Among other things, I would like to make my contribution to acting responsibly for future generations.

A blog is a lot of work - baking, staging, taking photos, writing texts, managing the blog... it takes time, money and effort, but it's also a lot of fun. It's my kind of art and hobby and I'm happy about every visitor. When I advertise my posts on social media, there are often comments that the recipe should be included in the advertising. I like to compare my blog to a museum: you have to go there to see what others have created. If I wrote the recipes on other sites or in the promotional posts or in groups, it would be twice as much work and mine "Gesamtkunstwerk" called Kuestencookie would not be considered. I find that very sad.

The Kuestencookie motto is: don't hesitate - just bake!  And so, true to my motto, I wish you a lot of fun browsing the blog and baking the recipes.



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